January 5, 2010

fresh NEW start....

things have changed. another year gone by and more ppl walking in and out of my life. i had hope for this to be a fresh new start for me and are church youth group. it seems the drama has just begun. i strive everyday not to think about it to focuse on what truly make me happy. my best friend he helps me through and he is there when i need him most but some ppl just dont want to see me happy. i know he may not be the "one" as everyone likes to call the perfect man but he is someone special to me even though he is silly and a little crazy but he holds a very special spot in my heart. im leaning on him and GOD to help me through this next year before i know it this year will be gone to. im going to keep pushing forward and moving ahead as i wait for God to show me what to do. with love. hilary collen p.s. this is all about my life and you never know what will happen next!!

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